Flyte takes its inspiration from the liberating power of movement, to elevate your run and reduce your ecological footprint. Our range is designed to ensure freedom of motion and bring you the tranquility that comes with making earth-conscious decisions.

This journey isn’t just about the distance covered; it’s about the sensation of each step and the mark we leave on the planet. With Flyte, you run untamed and unbound — because when you wear less, you’re giving back more.

Flyte Mens Swift 2-in-1 Shorts

Our products feature recycled materials that help reduce plastic waste. Each piece carries the promise of eco-friendliness without sacrificing performance.

Freedom in Movement
Designed with the dynamics of the human body in mind, our clothing prioritises stretch and support, ensuring you can move freely and confidently in every direction your run takes you.

Safety in Stride
Reflective detailing is our signature feature, keeping you visible during every run, so you can stay focused on your pace with peace of mind.

Our Journey

In 2021, a vision to rock the world of running apparel took Flyte. Born from a passion for both athleticism and environmental stewardship, we set out to create a product line that would empower runners to reach new heights while treading lightly on the planet. As we've grown, our dedication to innovative, eco-friendly designs has only strengthened, propelling both novice and seasoned athletes forward on their journeys.

Take Flyte

Run Lighter, Go Further

Running gear that’s as committed to your performance as it is to the planet. Ready to run the extra mile?